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Carpet Repairs & Stretching Services in Columbia SC

Your carpet might get damaged for one reason or the other. You do not have to worry when it does. Just pick up the phone and get in touch with Carpet Kare Inc. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with damaged carpets. We take pride in being able to serve the people of Columbia, SC with top of the range carpet repair services. Whether your carpet has been torn, improperly installed or has ripples, we will get the repairs done. We have experts and top of the range equipment that allows us to perfectly handle carpet repairs. Our services offer you quality at a pocket-friendly price.

A rippled, ripped or bunched-up carpet is actually quite dangerous. Someone can easily trip on the carpet, fall and injure themselves. It is even more dangerous to your guests who might not know there is a bunch on the carpet. It would be embarrassing for your guests to be tripping and falling in your house. Call us today if your carpet needs repair or proper installation.


You can trust us for all your carpet needs.

Carpet stretching needs to be handled by professionals who have perfected their craft. Carpet stretching is delicate, and the carpet can be easily over-stretched and damaged. We are experts and we will ensure your carpet is stretched properly and stays in perfect condition. Our prices are quite affordable, and the quality of our services are unrivalled. Carpet stretching will ensure your carpet looks great and there will be zero risks of tripping and falling. Call Carpet Kare Inc. at (803)781-2518 and we will ensure your carpet looks perfect in the least amount of time possible.

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