Floor Cleaning Services Columbia SC

Why Choose Professional Floor Cleaning?

Homeowners and business owners will always want to clean their floors themselves. Ordinary floor cleaning does not do the trick though. Although the floor might look clean day today, it will slowly accumulate sticky dirt and grim over time. Get in touch with Carpet Kare Inc and our professionals will ensure the problem is gone.

Commercial Tile & Carpet Cleaning

If you have a commercial business or building that has high foot traffic and needs to be kept sparkly clean, contact our floor cleaning company and get a professional solution. We will clean any kind of floor. The dirty floors, carpet, tiles, and grouts are no match for our able personnel and superior equipment.


Residential Tile & Carpet Cleaning

Even if your home does not receive high foot traffic, it is bound to accumulate dirt and dust over time. The carpets are particularly notorious for holding dust within the fibres. Regular vacuuming will not be able to remedy the situation when it’s that dire. Our residential cleaning services includes carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as tile and grout cleaning. Don’t worry about the dirt that has accumulated in your house for months. Our professional services are the perfect solution.

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