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Tile & Grout Cleaning Company in Columbia, SC

Tiles and grouts are bound to collect dirt and grime over time. Normal cleaning will not get rid of the grime. You will need tile and grout cleaning after staying in your house for a while. When you do, trust us to do a perfect job. We have the expertise and equipment required to deliver the best floor cleaning results.

You will need professional tile and grout cleaning in your home from time to time. You will always have a clean floor when you do. You will be proud of your house when hosting guests in your home. Regardless of how much grime or dirt your tiles have collected, you can trust us to make them look brand new.

Below are some of the top reasons why you should get your tiles cleaned by professionals!
  1. You need to keep your tiles clean in order for them to last long. If you neglect the tiles, they will become worn out, cracked, and faded. Our professional cleaning services will ensure your tiles remain in perfect condition for a long time.
  2. New Looking Tiles – if you are looking to sell your home, you will need to renovate it and make it look great, so that it can sold for a good price. Trust us to transform the house with a freshly cleaned floor.
  3. Getting Rid of Dirt and Germs – grouts are porous and are bound to build-up dirt, grime and germs. These build-ups can easily cause a wide range of health-related issues. Our tile and grout cleaning procedures will get rid of it all.
  4. Safe Cleaning - tiles are brittle and can easily break if mishandled. Have your tiles cleaned up professionally to ensure you tiles are safe and in perfect condition. We have experts and all the appropriate tools needed to clean up your tiles without damaging them.
  5. Our services will save you time and money. You may not get the ideal results with DIY procedures. You will have to spend on equipment and cleaning formula, and not to mention the time you will spend trying to grapple with your floors. Trust Carpet Kare Inc to save you all that hassle.

Residential & Commercial Tile Cleaning

Whether it’s a residential or commercial premise, we will handle your tile cleaning needs. Our experts are always ready to help. You do not want your business to have grimy looking floors. Business premises are especially notorious with tile dirt because of the high foot-traffic. A clean business premise sends all the right messages to anyone visiting. Get in touch with us, whether you are a homeowner or business manager. We will get the job done! Give us a call today at (803)781-2518 and we will get the grime and dirt off your tiles and grouts.

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